Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is booking with VIP really the same price as booking directly?
Yes! We earn commission from the accommodation portion of our packages. Our prices are the same price as booking directly (and often less!) and you get our concierge services included for free. We do a lot of volume at certain properties and are rewarded with lower rates as a local partner which equates to great pricing and even better service for you!


2. What accommodation does VIP have access to?
We have access to all the accommodation in Whistler including all hotels and properties managed by property managers and owners directly.  We have featured our recommended properties on our website, but we can book guests at any property in Whistler. We also have access to a lot of ‘secret’ properties that are not in the normal rental pool and that only rent with VIP. There is a lot of accommodation to choose from in Whistler. We offer free accommodation advice and can help narrow down the list to make the choice of where to stay much simpler.


3. How does VIP determine the service levels provided?
Service levels are based on the properties booked. Higher end properties come with Gold Concierge Service included. Lower end properties come with Silver Concierge Service included.


4. How does VIP get paid?
We earn commission from the accommodation portion of our packages so get paid by the properties rather than by our clients directly.


5. Are there any hidden charges?
No. We do not charge any supplements, service fees or booking fees. All of our pricing is up front and transparent.


6. Does VIP book other products in Whistler?
Yes, we take care of booking all aspects of a trip to Whistler and truly do offer one-stop shopping.


7. How long has VIP been in business?
We have been in operations since 1999 and the largest and most experienced accommodation and concierge provider in Whistler.


8. How do I know my payments are secure?
VIP Mountain Holidays is fully bonded and have been licensed as a Travel Agent by Consumer Protection BC since 2000.  We contribute to the Traveller’s Assurance Fund which means that our clients’ payments are fully insured and protected by the provincial travel licensing body. Here is a link to their licensee search tool


9. Why should I travel to Whistler?
Whistler is North America’s top ski resort. The top 5 reasons why we think you should travel to Whistler are listed under the Whistler tab of our website. Also VIP only operates in Whistler, so if you like the sounds of our service and you truly want a hassle free experience, Whistler with VIP is the place to be!


10. Where is VIP located?
We are located in Whistler and only offer trips to Whistler. All of our staff are Whistler locals and we live, breath and love Whistler!


11. Why should I book with VIP?
When you book with VIP it’s the same price as booking direct AND you get all of our concierge services included for free. Simply put, there is no reason not to book with VIP!


12. Do you work with travel partners or agencies?
Yes we do and we share our commission with travel partners so it’s still the same price as booking directly even if the booking comes via a travel partner. We have developed many fantastic relationships with travel partners all over the world. We make the inquiry, booking and in-resort experience seamless and hassle free for both the guest and our partners!


13. I have already booked my accommodation- can I still take advantage of VIP’s concierge service?
Yes. We can help you book various aspects of your trip even if it doesn’t include accommodation. Pricing depends on how and the types of products you end up booking. Please visit our sister company: www.whistler-concierge.com for an idea on the pricing for concierge services without accommodation. It also depends on the number of people in your party and the time of year, so send us a message and we can come up with a deal that works for all!


14. How long will it take to respond to my inquiry?
We are very proud of how quickly we respond to inquiries. We respond to all inquiries as soon as we get them which means are response time is at least within 12 hours and often within 1 hour depending on time zones.


15. I’ve been to Whistler before and I don’t really need all this extra service - should I still book with VIP?
Yes. It’s the same price as booking direct (and often less), so why not book with VIP and take advantage of our services. Even the most experienced travellers to Whistler still enjoy our services such as grocery delivery, in-resort shuttles and generally taking care of all logistics.


16. Does VIP do groups?
Yes. We can help group leaders immensely. We can take care of all the logistics so that group leaders can focus on the achieving the goals of their group visit. Group leaders love booking with VIP as we make them look like super stars without having to stress about all the details!